Demonstrably caring — Kelford Labs Daily

What are you doing to show you care?

Demonstrably caring — Kelford Labs Daily
“Buyers of expertise want to be gently persuaded by your point of view, your track record, and how you demonstrably care about them and their challenges.”

— Rochelle Moulton, The Authority Code

How you demonstrably care.

So, how can you demonstrate that you care about your customers and their challenges?

Well, what are the things you’re doing now that already demonstrate you care?

Perhaps it’s your process—focused on what your best clients need most and how you can provide maximum value and efficiency.

Perhaps it’s your location—precisely picked to meet your customers where they’re most likely to be at their moment of greatest need.

Perhaps it’s your pricing—based on a cost structure that’s sustainable and affordable for those who value it most.

Remember: every decision is a marketing decision. And every marketing decision demonstrates something.

It demonstrates whether and how much we care about our clients, and whether and how much we care about their challenges and priorities.

So, take a moment to re-read your website or your recent marketing materials. Consider to what extent they currently demonstrate the decisions you’ve made to make things easier, faster, or more sustainable for your ideal customers.

And think about what you could say that would make that even more clear.

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