Half of what to say — Kelford Labs Daily

What do they do that you don’t?

Half of what to say — Kelford Labs Daily
“The project that’s been on the Monday morning job sheet the longest is the development company’s own website, not because they don’t know how to build great websites but because they don’t know what to say.”

— David C. Baker, The Business of Expertise

This is why I insist that your process is your position.

“What do we say to attract ideal customers?” is the most common question I’m asked by clients.

And the advice I typically give is to think about marketing, not as convincing or persuading, but as merely demonstrating what it is you do and the way you do it.

Experts know what they do and how they do it—because they know why they do it. They’ve made clear, explicit, and important tradeoffs in their process that benefit particular types of customers who place value in particular places.

So if you’re stuck, and you don’t know what to say—or put on your website, or on LinkedIn, or in your ads, or on your tradeshow banner—start here:

Write down the thing your biggest, most popular competitors always do that you never do—and why.

Maybe they always put on sales and discounts, but you don’t. Maybe they always deliver their products late, and you don’t. Maybe they focus on variety and a broad product line, and you don’t.

Think of something other businesses in your category do that you don’t, and think about why you’ve chosen to avoid it.

If you can do that—and I know you can!—you’re halfway toward a compelling marketing message.

Tomorrow, the other half.

Kelford Inc. helps hands-on entrepreneurs and founders with complex marketing challenges define and articulate their unique value to their very best customers.

We’ll show you the way to always knowing what to say.