Kelford Daily Lab: The sacrifice of focus

What to give up to grow.

Kelford Daily Lab: The sacrifice of focus

“The law of sacrifice is the opposite of the law of line extension. If you want to be successful today, you should give something up. There are three things to sacrifice: product line, target market, and constant change.” — Jack Trout & Al Ries, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Focus is hard.

It’s among the hardest things in marketing, if not the hardest.

But all the barriers are inside us, not in the outer world.

In fact, our customers want us to focus, so that we can get better at what we’re already best at.

The market wants us to focus, so that customers know why and for what and when we’re the best option for them.

It’s our fear of losing out on potential business that holds us back.

And keeps us small.

But the more we focus, the more opportunities we create to be the very best option for someone in particular.

Instead of being average for everyone.

Focus your product line, focus your target, and focus on what’s working, not what’s merely new and shiny.

It’s worth the sacrifice.

Today’s Experiment

Step 1: Choose
What product or service sprang to mind when you thought of focusing? Or what customer target? Write it down.
Time: 1 minute

Step 2: Embrace
Embrace that beautiful thing! Take a moment and think about how you would tell a dear friend about this thing you love to do so much. What gets you jazzed about the product or service you deliver? What's special about your ideal customers? What makes you appreciate them? How do you experience the value they get from working with you? Make some notes for yourself about that.
Time: 3 minutes

Step 3: Celebrate
Now demonstrate that enthusiasm and value understanding to your customers. Show them how excited you are to pour your heart into the work. Show them how much you understand and appreciate them and how wonderful it is when they succeed with the help of your offering. How it makes a difference, how it is valuable. And focus on that story, that demonstration of value, for the rest of the week.
Time: 5 minutes every day this week

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