Kelford Labs Daily: A strategy you believe in

You have to like it

Kelford Labs Daily: A strategy you believe in

“You can pick whatever strategy you want. But if you’re not prepared to be strictly accountable for what you declare your strategy to be, you’re fooling yourself and you’re wasting time. Pick something you actually believe in.” — David Maister

There are many strategies that can work, but only a few that can work for us.

Why? Because, as one historian put it, “motivation springs from enthusiasm.”

Or, simply put, people don’t like doing the things they don’t like doing.

And if we give ourselves a strategy that we won’t actually like implementing, it won’t work.

We’ll run out of motivation. We’ll run out of patience. We’ll run out of energy, before anything works.

Better to choose a strategy that you like and can work, over one that you hate—and which can’t.

Which means, following someone else’s lead, following best practices, or following our envy of others rarely works—because we won’t be following a strategy we believe in.

Instead, focus on building a strategy that works for your customers, for your business, and for you.

So, are you going through the motions of someone else’s strategy?

Or are you building upon one that you actually believe in?