Kelford Labs Daily: Demonstration visualization

Demonstrating value in person.

Kelford Labs Daily: Demonstration visualization

If you had 2 minutes, a folding table, and a pen and paper, how would you demonstrate what your business does or sells to your very best prospect?

Imagine they’re standing in front of you and they’re ready to learn.

What would you say that would demonstrate what sets you apart?

What would you draw?

What would you show?

Marketing feels complicated because we think about it in the abstract. We think, “How can I tell the world that I’m special?”

When, instead, we should think, “How would I show one person that I’m different?”

If you can explain to a single person what sets you apart—if you can show them the tradeoffs you’ve made that help you create huge value for them in particular—you can do that in your marketing, too.

But if you can’t—if you don’t yet know what you’d say to one person—you won’t be able to make effective marketing, either.

So, imagine the table. Imagine the pen and paper. Imagine the customer.

What are you saying or showing that would demonstrate to them that you’re different?