Kelford Labs Daily: How clear can you be?

One simple sentence.

Kelford Labs Daily: How clear can you be?

Here’s today’s experiment:

Write down one single person you’d like to reach with your marketing today.

Now, write down what they need in their own words, which you can help with.

Next, write down one unique way you can help, which nobody else offers.

Put those answers into this sentence:

“If you’re (who) and you need (what), I’ll help you by (how).”

Read the sentence again, and ask:

If I can state what I do this clearly in this sentence, am I stating what I do this clearly everywhere else?

Because, here’s the thing: Why you do what you do matters to your customers only to the extent it affects how you do it. Speak to the how and you reveal the why.

Speak only to the why and all your work of demonstrating value is still ahead of you.

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