Kelford Labs Daily: Increasing your value with marketing

3 elements of great marketing.

Kelford Labs Daily: Increasing your value with marketing
“To make people value objects more, we need to let them feel that they somehow had a hand in the design.”

— Tali Sharot, The Influential Mind

The same is true of services we might be selling, too.

It’s not that our customers or clients need to co-create our service offering with us, only that we can make it clear we designed it with them in mind.

We can be specific in our marketing messages, speaking to just the right person at just the right time.

We can be clear in our offering, making it easy to understand what sort of thing we do and how it’s purchased.

And we can be focused on just what our best clients value most, and we can let them make a clear decision to work with us based on their own values and preferences.

Specific. Clear. Focused.

That’s the essence of great communicating and effective marketing.

And it’s a framework for staying on track, staying on target, and staying consistent.

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