Kelford Labs Daily: Individual marketing

Focus on one to get many.

Kelford Labs Daily: Individual marketing
“We must get down to individuals. We must treat people in advertising as we treat them in person. Center on their desires. Consider the person who stands before you.
However big your business, get down to the units, for those units are all that make size.”

— Claude C. Hopkins, My Life in Advertising

Sales and marketing are not distinct disciplines—they are both about demonstrating value.

In sales, we demonstrate value in the moment.

In marketing, we demonstrate value at a distance.

But still, value. Always, value.

Having a sales mindset, though, can help us with our marketing. Because it forces us to consider what we would say to an individual to demonstrate that we have the ideal solution for them.

Instead of trying to imagine what might appeal to a crowd, or to the masses.

Because if we don’t feel confident explaining our value to the person standing in front of us, we can’t expect to explain it well to the people who see our content, ads, videos, or social posts.

So, if your marketing is struggling, try to stop seeing it as marketing—as some abstract, distinct practice that’s somehow removed from the personal act of selling.

Understand what gets an individual to buy and you’re on your way to understanding what attracts a crowd. 

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