Kelford Labs Daily: Is it already working?

Assessing your marketing before you see results.

Kelford Labs Daily: Is it already working?

When we adjust our marketing messages, how do we know if they’re working—or likely to work—before we see a shift in sales?

How can we have confidence that we’re on the right track before the path is clear?

When I work with entrepreneurs on defining and articulating their value, I’ve found that there’s an awfully simple early test to see if your new approach—whether that’s your new homepage copy, marketing position, or value proposition—is working for you:

Are you telling people about it?

Are you more eager to send people to your website than you were before, for instance? Or, at the very least, are you less embarrassed or worried when someone says they’ve been on your site?

Are you finding it easier to describe what you do, or to articulate your value when you’re in a sales conversation?

Are you enjoying talking about what you do more than you did before?

Because, before our marketing can work, we’ve got to work it. We’ve got to show people it, send people to it, or talk to people about it.

And if we’re not, that says there’s still something that isn’t working for us and there’s experimenting still to do. There’s still progress to be made, adjustments we might want to consider. You can review it with customers, test out variations in conversations, and keep iterating until it clicks.

And if you’re already feeling better about your marketing messages, your marketing messages are better than they were.

Because now they’ve got a chance at working, because you’re making them work.

The next step is to find ways to keep focusing your marketing on the primary value you’ve identified and articulated.

And keep working at it, so that it keeps working.

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