Kelford Labs Daily: Make the universe more favorable

Improving the conditions for your business.

Kelford Labs Daily: Make the universe more favorable

“Don't make it worse. Leave options open for succeeding in the future. And move from wherever you are to a slightly better place.

When in doubt, make the universe around you more favorable.” — Dr. Dan Dworkis

As you know, the conversation in business circles these days is, understandably, bleak. From the personal toll world and community events take, to the dire state of huge swaths of the economy, lots of people are feeling lots of pressure.

And so, as we’ve been giving advice to new entrepreneurs and clients over the past few months, the above quote from Dan Dworkis has been on my mind a lot.

There might not be anything you can do today to make things better for your business tomorrow—but there are many things you can do today that make the conditions for your business better immediately.

We can, first, take a breath. Then, we can take stock of what’s going well, what isn’t, and where our biggest opportunities to make incremental improvements are.

As many have said before, an entrepreneur’s confidence is their most important asset, and we need to protect it.

Maybe we can do that by reconnecting with old colleagues, taking a much-needed break, or just asking for support from someone we trust.

As Dan says, “Remember, it’s okay to feel all this stuff. You’re going to get yourself out of it. But most humans have things they feel when they’re under pressure.”

The important thing is that we breathe and take stock of how we feel and what we need to protect our ability to proceed.

So that, as Dan says, you can “move yourself along that pathway by not making things worse.”

Today’s Experiment:

Step 1: Breathe

Step 2: Take Stock
Answer: How do you feel today? What is one thing you’re grateful for in the business today? What’s one thing you’d like to improve today—one step you can take that might improve conditions tomorrow?

Step 3: Take the step

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