Kelford Labs Daily: Marketing is how you help

So hang onto it.

Kelford Labs Daily: Marketing is how you help

Have you ever wanted to have someone else do your marketing for you?

Often, entrepreneurs can resist being the ones to handle or lead their marketing. They want a junior employee to take care of it, or they want to outsource it to a third-party.

The problem, though, is that your marketing is how you interact with the market.

It’s where you get your most valuable feedback about whether the market wants what you have, and how you could improve it to make it even more valuable for your very best prospects.

When we outsource our marketing completely, we outsource our ability to find, choose, and engage with the market entirely.

There’s no such thing as the perfect product that no one’s buying. If no one wants to buy it, it’s an object, it’s art, it might even be important. But it isn’t a product. It’s just something we made.

We make and sell the things we do out of a desire to help. Out of the knowledge that, for someone in particular, we know and do best.

But if we’re not doing our marketing, if we’re not in control of it, leading it—or at the very least fully understanding it—we’re missing the opportunity to engage with the market, improve, and grow our value.

By all means, buy help for your marketing—from its strategy to its implementation. But don’t give it away, or give it up.

It’s how you help.

So how will you take control of your marketing, so you can keep growing your value?