Kelford Labs Daily: Marketing Motivator

A custom GPT to try

Kelford Labs Daily: Marketing Motivator

The weekly edition of Kelford Labs—going out to subscribers in about an hour—teaches you how (and why) to use OpenAI’s custom GPTs.

So today’s Daily Lab is a link to the custom GPT I’ll be showing you how to build in the weekly:

Marketing Motivator

You’ll need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber to access that custom GPT, but don’t worry, in the weekly post I’ll show you how to build your own chatbot (including a copy of this one) using the free tool Poe.

As a very simple demonstration of the utility of custom GPTs, including the Marketing Motivator, I asked it to provide “3 things I should keep in mind this morning before I do my marketing tasks for the day”.

Here is its response, which I’ll leave you with as today’s advice:


Alright, let's keep it simple and effective:

1) Focus on what energizes you – if you’re not into it, it’ll show in your work.

2) Remember, marketing is a marathon, not a sprint; pace yourself for the long haul.

3) Every task should scream “value” to your ideal customer – if it doesn’t, why are you doing it?

Keep these in mind and rock your day!]