Kelford Labs Daily: The best award is a sale.

Not performance, but precision.

Kelford Labs Daily: The best award is a sale.
“Ad writers forget they are salesmen and try to be performers. Instead of sales, they seek applause.” — David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising

Look, I’m not against advertising awards in principle—and, no, I won’t give mine back.

But there is a problem in trying to make ads that get the attention of peers, judges, or the public at large: they’re targeting the wrong people.

Ads that pique the interest of advertising judges, or even just random people, probably won’t pique the interest of the person you’re trying to sell to.

Because most customers don’t care about marketing or advertising.

They care about their work, their lives, their needs, their context, their priorities. Not ours.

Of course, we must grab attention of our ideal buyers, but we do that by speaking to them, using the words they’d use, in the context they’re likely to notice us, and at the time when they need us most.

Because it’s our job as marketers, not to impress, but to sell.

Which is less about brilliance, and more about credibility.

Specificity. Clarity. Focus.

So, when it comes time to do your marketing or write that next message, remember: It’s not about showing off how cool we are.

It’s about demonstrating how well we understand our customers. By talking to them.

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