Kelford Labs Daily: Popular or purchased?

Demonstrating or Decorating?

Kelford Labs Daily: Popular or purchased?

There’s an assumption, especially on social media, that more attention means more sales.

And, sure, there’s a minimum bar that needs to be reached to get any sales at all.

But massive, universal popularity doesn’t mean profitability. It just means attention.

And that, more often than not, costs us more than it gives us.

The point is not to get lots and lots of people to notice us, it’s to get enough people to buy from us. And just because people notice, that doesn’t mean they’ll buy.

Celebrity-backed brands fail all the time. All the attention in the world doesn’t translate to profit if we’re spending all our money on maintaining that attention.

So, today, think about your latest marketing effort and ask: is it focused on getting attention, or on getting customers?

Are you demonstrating your value, or simply decorating the landscape?

Today’s Exercise:

Go through 10 of the latest social media posts from the businesses you follow, and categorize them into: Demonstrating Value, or Decorating the Channel.

Demonstrating Value means it gave you a reason to buy from them, and Decorating the Channel means it gave you a reason to notice them (and nothing more).

Now that you see the difference, re-write your next social media post to demonstrate real value, not just drum up attention.

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