Kelford Labs Daily: Snowy demonstration

A classic VW demonstration.

Kelford Labs Daily: Snowy demonstration

The recent and unending snowfall we’ve seen in my part of Canada has got me thinking about an old and classic VW ad.

It’s one of my favourites, and is a perfect example of demonstrating in advertising.

It doesn’t just tell you why the product is better, it attempts to show you.

Here’s the transcript of the ad, and I’ll include a link to it on YouTube below:

[Open on snow covered landscape in early morning darkness.]


“Have you ever wondered how the man who drives the snowplough drives to the snowplough?”

[A VW car driving along snowy, unplowed roads.]

“This one drives a Volkswagen.”

[He arrives at the snowplow, and drives it away.]

“So you can stop wondering.”

From the coffee table book “Remember those great Volkswagen ads?”

YouTube link.

So, how could your next piece of marketing demonstrate instead of simply tell?

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