Kelford Labs Daily: Stop reading LinkedIn

And start marketing.

Kelford Labs Daily: Stop reading LinkedIn

My quickest and most effective prescription to help clients focus more in their marketing is: 

Stop reading LinkedIn.

You can use it for networking. You can keep up with industry news. You can post your own interesting content.

But you can’t read the marketing advice of “influencers” every day and still manage to focus.

Because, for influencers, their only prescription is “more.” More followers, more fame, more content, more activity.

But if they need hundreds of thousands of followers on social media to create any viable profit, they’re doing a bad job—they’re not a good marketer.

And their advice won’t help.

The reason you always see them on LinkedIn is not because they’re effective (how much have you bought from them?), it’s because if they don’t post constantly, their business will die.

They churn through followers so fast—because what they sell doesn’t work—that they need to keep shovelling more into the furnace through constant posting and endless content.

But if you can’t step away from LinkedIn for a few weeks without sacrificing your income, you don’t have a marketing strategy, you have a client concentration problem and a massive liability.

I mean, if your ultimate dream is to sell spreadsheets for 10 bucks to people who’ll never open them, by all means, build your LinkedIn following.

But if you want to change the way people work for the better, through your unique combination of experience, expertise, and interests, you need a smaller audience that cares more.

Millions of followers won’t help, they’ll just distract.

And if you’d like to do something else with your time, energy, and marketing rather than posting on LinkedIn all day—don’t take the advice of people who do.

Find guides, resources, and mentors that can teach you how to find the customers who want to work with you.

Without needing the attention of millions of people who don’t.