Kelford Labs Daily: Strategic flexibility

Stay nimble, stay in the game.

Kelford Labs Daily: Strategic flexibility

What are your assumptions going into next year?

About the market? About the competition? About your business? About your goals?

To stay flexible for the future, whatever happens, the first step is inverting our assumptions.

What if the opposite of what you’re assuming will happen, happens?

Will your current plans adapt, or break?

We can’t foresee the unforeseeable, but we can be prepared for it. By staying flexible, adaptable, and eager for change—not afraid of it.

Because, let’s face it, marketing doesn’t really fail—it just stops.

So if you want your marketing to succeed–that is, keeping going, growing, and paying for itself—you need to keep doing it.

And the only way to do that is by staying flexible enough to adapt when things get in the way or go wrong.

So, today, think of one thing you can do to prepare for an uncertain future.

Maybe that’s thinking through how your marketing might need to change if the market itself swings.

Or how you might want to adjust your pricing or service offering if competition from AI heats up.

Or maybe it’s as simple as thinking about how you’ll explain what you do to all the people who’ll be asking around the holidays.

Don’t get caught off guard, stay nimble.

Stay focused.

And stay flexible. That’s how you stay in the game.

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