Kelford Labs Daily: The most valuable thing you’re not doing

Asking your customers.

Kelford Labs Daily: The most valuable thing you’re not doing

Most days, I’m talking to at least one entrepreneur about their value proposition and position in the market.

My role is to help them define their value, articulate how they deliver it, and demonstrate it to their very best prospects.

That means I end up asking a lot of questions.

And the question I ask the most, which entrepreneurs most often don’t know the answer to, is:

“How do your best customers describe you to others?”

If there’s one single question that provides real marketing gold, it’s this one.

What your best customers say to other people tells you almost everything you need to know about what you should be saying to attract more customers.

And yet, many—bordering on most—entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers draw a blank when asked.

Because they’re not asking.

Maybe they don’t want to bother them, or they don’t know what to ask, or they don’t know how to contact them.

But the result is the same: confusion about what to say and to whom to say it.

Your best customers, though, know what to say to other customers, because they are one. 

They know how to articulate your value, because they’ve seen it.

They know how to convince their boss, because they’ve done it.

They know how to sell it to others, because they’ve had to.

So, today, ask yourself this:

If I had to find out how my best customers describe my business to others, how would I do that?

And how could I demonstrate and deliver a little bit of value at the same time?