Kelford Labs Daily: The nosiness of a detective

Digging into our value.

Kelford Labs Daily: The nosiness of a detective

“You need to have an open mind, the nosiness of a detective, and to assimilate all the information you can get from every imaginable source when you start to create advertising.

 — Mary Wells Lawrence, A Big Life (In Advertising)

The nosiness of a detective.

It’s something I’ve repeated a lot, to a lot of different clients.

That’s how you discover your true value. That’s how you determine how to best deliver it. And that’s how you demonstrate your value at greater and greater distances:

By working like a detective to understand your best customers and what they value most, when they need you most, and why they choose you over other options.

If all we know about our best customers is that they buy from us, we don’t know much at all.

But if we know why they buy, what they need in their words, how we uniquely help them, and when and where they need us most—well, then we know a lot.

And we know what to say, what to focus on, and where and when to say it to attract more of our very best customers.

But it starts by being curious—nosy—about our value, and the people who value it the most.

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