Kelford Labs Daily: The things you don’t control

Don’t let marketing drive you mad

Kelford Labs Daily: The things you don’t control

“Do not wish that all things will go well with you, but that you will go well with all things.” — Epictetus

Marketing can absolutely wreck your mental well-being.

Think about it: There are whole departments in book stores filled with tomes about why you shouldn’t care what other people think. Why you shouldn’t try to get other people to do things.

Why you shouldn’t try to change people’s minds.

And yet, this is all most marketers do: They try to get other people to like them enough to give them money.

And that can just be devastatingly difficult, bordering on futile.

But the bad news is the good news: you don’t control whether other people like you.

So you don’t have to spend much time worrying about it, and you don’t have to waste your energy trying to change minds or get famous.

Instead, you can focus on the people who already like what you do, instead of the ones who don’t.

And then you can figure out what they value most—and use data to help you determine it.

So that you can deliver and demonstrate more of what they value, and less of what they don’t—slowly and surely, every single day.

You don’t control who notices you. You don’t control what they think of you. And you don’t control what they do.

But if you demonstrate value to the people who like what you do—better and better, every single day—more and more people will take notice.

And you’ll never have to change anyone’s mind about anything.

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