Kelford Labs Daily: Understand, then articulate

Value, then verbiage.

Kelford Labs Daily: Understand, then articulate
“The project that’s been on the Monday morning job sheet the longest is the development company’s own website, not because they don’t know how to build great websites but because they don’t know what to say.”

— David C. Baker, The Business of Expertise

When a company doesn’t know what to say to attract their ideal customers, the problem isn’t a lack of words or articulation.

It’s a lack of understanding.

Of what? Of their true value in the eyes of their customers.

Every business starts with a desire to help. But many businesses forget to understand the people they’re ostensibly trying to aid.

But if marketing is the art and science of demonstrating value at a distance, we need to understand what that value is to the people for whom we aim to provide it.

Because before we can write or express words, we need to understand ideas, feelings, sentiments, and desires.

We need to have an innate, fingertip sense of what our best customers care about most, and what they value above everything else.

Only then can we craft words to demonstrate that value.

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