Kelford Labs Daily: What do your customers say?

Their words, not yours.

Kelford Labs Daily: What do your customers say?

“The secret to being found online is referencing your prospect’s specific problem using the exact language they’d use.”

— David A. Fields, The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients

How do your best clients describe the problem they have?

How do they talk about challenges, solutions, and options?

Would they use the same language that’s on your website or your social media posts?

Would they say that your service offering perfectly describes what they need?

Often, we talk about marketing like it’s mysterious—like we just have to put enough stuff out there and something, eventually, might stick.

But we aren’t shooting in the dark, we have information we can draw from. And it’s how our best customers describe themselves, their challenge, and their need.

My best customers don’t say they need “marketing strategy and positioning,” even though that’s what we do. They say, “I hate doing my marketing,” or “I want to stop spinning around in circles.” So that’s the type of language we use on our website.

So give your site another read, or pull out your latest sales sheet and give it another look.

Is the language on there the same language—the same words, thoughts, feelings—that your best customers would use?

Or are you saying something else, to someone else?

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