Kelford Labs Daily: What if nobody saw it?

How could it still work?

Kelford Labs Daily: What if nobody saw it?

Think about the LinkedIn post you’re planning to write. Or the blog you’ve been working on. Or the video you’ve been mulling.

Think about the marketing content you’re planning to produce, and ask yourself this:

What if nobody saw it? How could it still be worth doing?

What would have to be the case to make your marketing worthwhile, even if no prospects or customers ever experienced it?

Because, let’s face it, sometimes that happens. Sometimes, our LinkedIn posts flop and we barely eke out a handful of impressions. Sometimes, our videos get watched by our employees and friends (at best) and nobody else.

Sometimes, the content we’ve been working so hard on gets ignored by the people we aim it toward.

But that can be okay, because it can make you better. It can help you define, articulate, and express your value in words, images, or video—which forces you to become ever more clear about what that value really is, and who needs it most.

Even if nobody else sees your content, it can still enrich and encourage you.

Because you put the effort, time, and energy into demonstrating your value to you, so the next time you get the chance to demonstrate it to somebody else, you've already done the thinking. You’ve already written the words and formed the ideas.

Your next sales call, then, isn’t an exercise in coming up with smart and valuable things to say. Instead, it becomes an exercise in repeating and refining the words you’ve already written, the ideas you’ve already thought about and considered.

So, think about that content you’ve working on again: How would it have to be different to help you, even if nobody else saw it? What would you change if you knew you were the only audience who’d see it?

When we focus our marketing on making us better—by more clearly defining and demonstrating our value—it makes it better for our real audience, too.

Because if our marketing isn’t making us better at demonstrating our value, it probably isn’t demonstrating it very well to our prospects, either.

So, focus on making marketing that always works—whether or not anyone else sees it.

And you’ll find that more people do see it.

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