Kelford Labs Daily: What to cut

Some things you can stop doing.

Kelford Labs Daily: What to cut

How can you do less when there’s so much to do?

That’s the real problem, right?

Well, I can’t help with your other daily tasks, but I can help with your marketing: I can tell you what you can stop doing.

First, you can stop posting on social media platforms that aren’t driving any meaningful or measurable results for your business.

If you’re having a good time and it’s not actively harming anything, by all means, keep it up. But if you hate it and it isn’t working—there’s a better use of that time.

Next, pick a few newsletters, LinkedIn follows, and podcasts that you like and trust, and stop chasing every other thought or trend.

If this or any other newsletter, LinkedIn “expert”, or podcaster isn’t helping, unsubscribe or unfollow—life’s too dang short.

Finally, stop creating measurement dashboards if you aren’t doing anything with them. It honestly doesn’t matter how many impressions those posts are getting anyway.

As one of my earliest mentors once said, “What you’re doing right now—this is your life’s work.” Don’t let it be endlessly scrolling LinkedIn, restlessly creating more marketing tasks, or worrying that you’re not doing enough.

Rest assured, most of my work with clients involves getting them to stop doing things, so they can do fewer, better things.

I very much doubt you’re not doing enough.

You’re doing too much. This is your permission to focus.

This is the time to do less.