Kelford Labs Daily: What to focus on

What your best customers value most.

Kelford Labs Daily: What to focus on

If you’re supposed to focus, what on earth are you supposed to focus on?

A good place to start is with your very best customers:

Are they using all of your services? Do they buy every product? Do they buy at every time of year?

Or do they have particular preferences, choices they make?

Chances are, your very best customers come to you for something specific, something unique to you and you alone.

As a start, try to focus there.

But here’s the thing about focus: It doesn’t mean you work extra hard in that area, while also working hard everywhere else.

It means you work extra hard in that area, and you cut back in other areas.

Focus doesn’t mean doing more—it requires doing less. It requires saying no.

So the first step is to identify where you’re overdoing it in areas that your best customers don’t care about, don’t experience, or don’t want you to.

Cut back there, and overdeliver where your best customers experience the most value.

And then they’ll attract more customers to you, because what you do is to clear, obvious, and focused on them.

And spend less time pursuing the customers who want everything else.

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