Kelford Labs Daily: What’s your service mosaic?

Addressing the “buffet problem”

Kelford Labs Daily: What’s your service mosaic?
“I like to think of the bits and pieces of a product’s individuality as pieces of tile. They must be assembled, like a mosaic, into one striking and memorable theme, for the public simply cannot carry all the individual pieces in its head.”

— Rosser Reeves, Reality in Advertising 

If you’re struggling with the “buffet problem”, where you’ve got too many service offerings, here’s one way to approach it:

Ask yourself, What mosaic are these the individual tiles for?

What greater picture do each of your services provide a single pixel toward?

The answer might not be obvious, and that’s important to note. 

Because if it’s not obvious to you, why would it be obvious to your prospects or customers?

And now ask yourself this: Which services could I remove to make the mosaic clearer from a distance?

And why don’t I?

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