Kelford Labs Daily: Who’s looking for you?

Are you helping them find you?

Kelford Labs Daily: Who’s looking for you?

Let’s imagine you had to stop doing all marketing.

No more social media posts, no more ads, no more content, no more trade shows.

If customers want to work with you, they have to find you.

So, in that world—who does still find you?

What customer—or type of customer—would track you down and find your business, even if you did nothing to find them?

If you can think of someone, or at least a hypothetical someone, who’d still find your business, that tells you a lot about how you’re delivering value.

Maybe you’d still get referrals from trusted contacts in your network. Maybe you’d still get customers searching for the one specific product only you have. Or maybe your existing clients would keep expanding the scope of their work with you.

So the first question is, what does that customer get from you that they can’t get anywhere else? What makes it worth it for them to invest time and energy finding your business?

And now the second question: When you are doing your marketing, are you helping this type of customer find that specific value more easily, more quickly, and more conveniently?

Or are you targeting someone else entirely?

When we invest time and energy in marketing, we often try to target customers that don’t know about us, don’t understand our value, or don’t know exactly what they need.

When the truth is, the people we should be focusing our marketing energy and resources on are the prospects most likely to want to work with us.

And we should focus our messaging on what they value most.

So take a moment today to think about the people who are out there trying to find you, and ask yourself:

Could my marketing shift to making it easier, faster, and more convenient for them to find me?

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