Kelford Labs Daily: Why should I listen to you?

What’s your perspective?

Kelford Labs Daily: Why should I listen to you?

“Your point of view should answer your audience’s pivotal question: Why should I listen to you?” — Rochelle Moulton, The Authority Code

Marketing is about demonstrating value, not promising it.

That’s why it’s so valuable to have a way to reach potential customers at a distance, like through a newsletter, podcast, social media, or video.

You get to provide your point of view—in fact, that’s what people are following you for—which helps you build credibility.

Because, like David A. Fields wrote in The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients, “buyers of consulting services aren't looking for different; they're looking for a solution they can rely on.”

As Rochelle Moulton points out above, having a point of view helps you build that credibility, it provides an answer to the question—why you?

Without some means of communicating our perspective, we’re left with merely communicating our products or our prices, just like everyone else.

But with a perspective, a point of view, and a means of communicating with potential customers at greater and greater distances, you can demonstrate your value—your reliability.

So, if a customer asked, “Why should I listen to you?” what would you tell them?

And could you be telling that story now?

Today’s experiment:

Step 1: Flash Back
Think back to the last time you were reading industry advice or best practices, and you found yourself thinking (or even saying out loud), “You're missing the whole point!”

What is the whole point?

Step 2: Write it Down
Write three short sentences outlining that perspective.