Kelford Labs Daily: You’re the best

For someone in particular.

Kelford Labs Daily: You’re the best

“Positioning is the act of deliberately defining how you are the best at something that a defined market cares a lot about.”
April Dunford

It’s easy to get caught up in following the crowd—chasing trends, the competition, or the rest of the industry.

But our job is to set ourselves apart, not to blend in.

To be the best, not better.

“But I’m not the best in the world at what I do,” the most humble among you might say, fairly. But you are the best option for someone in particular.

You certainly can be.

Not for everyone, not for anyone, but for someone in particular you have the potential to provide the best value, in the best way, at the best time.

We just have to find them.

And that starts by letting them know we’re not for everyone, we’re for them.

It starts by doing less, for fewer types of customers.

So we can focus on doing more, for the best ones.

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