Making sales faster — Kelford Labs Daily

Who already needs you?

Making sales faster — Kelford Labs Daily

Sales cycles can be long. Longer, often, than we want them to be.

Which means that when we’re looking to grow our business, the efforts and inputs we apply today may take weeks or months to pay off.

Which can leave us with uncertainty and impatience.

But there’s a way to speed things up: Finding existing demand.

Basically, we need to find potential clients that are already spending money on our type of products or services.

We need to find buyers who already have budget set aside, already have the will and eagerness to purchase, and already know they need support or supplies to accomplish their goals.

So, if you’re looking to make sales faster, ask yourself:

Who is already purchasing the type of thing I sell? Where do they go to purchase? Where do they go for more information?

Who do they talk to, and how do they make their decisions?

Buyers of marketing, for instance, often talk to their industry associations for recommendations. If you’re a marketer, how can you connect with the associations your prospects belong to and find out how and who they recommend—and become their recommendation?

Buyers of development and design often look to match-making services, project managers, and generalist consultants for referrals. If you’re a designer or developer, how can you connect with these referral sources and demonstrate your value and credibility?

Whatever the industry you work in or work for, there are often go-to organizations, associations, or people that your buyers look to for recommendations, referrals, and advice.

So if you’re looking to make sales faster, find ways to connect with these referral sources and demonstrate your unique ability to deliver value to your very best customers.

Start by asking questions that demonstrate your experience and credibility.

And then build toward demonstrating your value by simply delivering it, in conversation, with referrers and prospects.

Show them that you’re credible, experienced, and focused on their needs above all.

And that starts by being there, right when they need you, and exactly where they’re already going for support and advice.

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