The Reason to Switch — Kelford Labs Daily

Marketing’s job is to give them one.

The Reason to Switch — Kelford Labs Daily
“People don’t quit habits without a reason.” 
— Claude C. Hopkins, Scientific Advertising

It’s simple, but it’s easy to forget.

For most people, most of the time, the reason they’re buying something is because it’s what they’ve bought before.

And if they’re used to not buying something, they tend to stick with that, too. To make a change, they need an awfully good reason.

That means marketing messages, social media posts, or words on our website that simply tell our prospects what we do won’t work. Because that’s not enough of a reason to quit a habit.

Even if we promise we’re better.

Instead, we can demonstrate our value by showing our prospects the tradeoffs—the specific decisions and choices—we’ve made to suit them in particular.

We can do that by showing them what we focus on, digging into our specialty and providing deep insights into our expertise.

We can show them what we don’t do, by emphasizing our ability to overdeliver in the areas they care about most.

And we can get super specific about who our ideal customer is, so they recognize themselves and know we share their priorities.

Remember: People don’t quit habits without a good reason. It’s the job of marketing to define, articulate, and demonstrate that reason.

Why else would they switch?

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