“What they expect to taste.” — Kelford Labs Daily

Focus on what makes you special, not what makes you small.

“What they expect to taste.” — Kelford Labs Daily
“The introductory advertising for Gablinger's beer created a feeling that because it was a diet product, it would taste bad. And sure enough, the advertising worked! People tried it and were easily convinced that it did taste bad.
You taste what you expect to taste.”

— Jack Trout & Al Ries, Positioning 

A classic trap service providers fall into is promoting “big provider” quality or variety with “small provider” cost or simplicity.

But instead of reinforcing a positive virtue—like boutique, customized services—it highlights a potential negative, like limited resources and capabilities.

And the client tastes what they expect to taste: something missing or something worse than a bigger company could offer. Highlighting the contrast puts a spotlight on our weaknesses, instead of our strengths.

But people looking for you are not looking for something bigger, flashier, or cheaper. They’re looking for someone that can help them more credibly than anyone else can.

That means smaller or specialized service providers should focus on what they can do that no one else can, and attract the people looking for focus.

It’s not “big provider” quality and “small provider” service—it’s specialized provider expertise.

Don’t tell people you’re the smaller, but better company. Tell them you’re the focused and credible experts.

And then they’ll get what they expect to get:

The best.

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