As little as possible, as long as possible — Kelford Labs Daily

Keep at it before you add more to it.

As little as possible, as long as possible — Kelford Labs Daily

The key to consistent, productive marketing is doing less.

I know, that seems crazy. But I mean it—doing what we can maintain is more important than doing the most, briefly.

Our goal as entrepreneurs doing our own marketing is to make marketing as easy and fulfilling as our “real” work. For it to become something we just do, as part of our routine, instead of being something we dread, put off, or completely outsource.

Which means, we’ve got to focus on what we like doing—at least at first—to get the momentum going and to build the habit of marketing.

We need to start slow and keep our commitments low, until we’re ready to add more because we know we can keep at it.

Today, think about why you’ve occasionally found your marketing frustrating, dull, or complicated.

And think of ways you can scale it back, just to what you like doing and just to what you can keep doing.

Marketing that works because we’re working at it is better than marketing we dream about but never do.

The goal, at least for now, is to do as little as possible for as long as you can.

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