Daily Lab: Certain not superior

People don’t want “better,” they want “only.”

Daily Lab: Certain not superior
“People do not choose Brand A over Brand B because they think Brand A is better, but because they are more certain that it is good.”

— Copywriter Joel Raphaelson, as quoted by Rory Sutherland in his book Alchemy

Wouldn’t it be great if “better” was enough?

If clients could just see that we’re clearly better than the competition—that we’re smarter, cheaper, faster… You know, better.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

A shame, though, that it isn’t true.

Instead, “better” isn’t just insufficient, it’s nothing at all.

People don’t want the promise of “better”—they want the certainty of good. They want to know that what they’re getting is definitely the right option for them.

“Better” is something companies say.

Only is all anyone cares about.

So how can you make your ideal clients certain that you’re the right choice for them? The only choice, not the better one?

By never saying the word “better”—and becoming the only one who does what you do, in your particular way, for the people who need it most.

And then demonstrate your ability to deliver that value in every single thing you do.

So that when someone needs exactly that, they’ll be certain you can do it best.

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