Daily Lab: “Fill the world with stuff you like.”

Start with what you enjoy.

Daily Lab: “Fill the world with stuff you like.”

Most of the business owners I encounter don’t actually like doing marketing.

They find it confusing, tedious, ineffective, or expensive.

That’s why I first focus on what they actually like.

Because if we can find something fun and fulfilling, which also works, then they might stick with it.

Marketing is a habit, not a task. Eventually, we’ve got to find a way to like it.

It’ll make us better marketers, better business owners, and better prepared for the next thing we have to change.

The comedian and podcaster Justin McElroy once wrote, “Learning to appreciate things you don’t initially enjoy is the power to fill the world with stuff you like.”

So, what kind of marketing do you like?

What kind could you like?

Why don’t you start there?

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