Daily Lab: Can you steer your marketing?

You can’t steer if you’re not moving.

Daily Lab: Can you steer your marketing?

When I was a little kid, I’d sometimes try to turn my bike while standing still.

You know, that hopping, pivoting maneuver, where you just get your shoelaces caught up in the gears and end up on the ground.

Then, when you get older, you realize that it’s way easier to steer when you’re already moving.

Once you’re moving, you can steer to your heart’s content.

You can steer to avoid obstacles, and get where you’re trying to go.

That’s how I think about marketing, too. The hard part isn’t having a good idea.

The hard part is being in a place to implement it because you’ve already gotten started.

So how do you overcome the inertia and get started?

Figure out your minimum viable marketing—the least you can do, for as along as possible—to demonstrate your value at a distance.

And then carve off the first, tiniest piece of that.

Take five minutes to do it—every day, for just a few weeks.

It feels slow, because that’s what getting started feels like.

But now you’re moving.

Now you’re marketing.

Now, you’re steering.

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