Daily Lab: How worry helps

What to do when things get tough.

Daily Lab: How worry helps

When things are tough—like, say, when the economy’s in the toilet—we get worried.

That’s normal.

The thing we want to avoid, though, is panic.

Panic drives us to push harder, pushing away potential clients because we look desperate.

Panic drives us to turtle down, protecting ourselves by hiding from opportunities.

Panic drives us to get angry, blaming our struggles on outside forces we have no control over.

Panic hurts.

But worry can help.

Not worrying about ourselves, but about our clients. Because if we’re nervous, they probably are, too.

If we’re anxious about money, why wouldn’t they be, too?

So instead of panicking and hustling harder—or panicking and hiding away—get intensely curious about the worries of your ideal clients.

Because the best way to sell is to help. And the best way to help is to deliver value.

And the best way to deliver it is to demonstrate it.

Every single day. In everything you do.

So that when things get tough, your best clients know where to turn.

To the businesses that help.

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