Daily Lab: How’s boring help?

What makes you boring makes you special.

Daily Lab: How’s boring help?

How does boring help?

What makes you boring is part of what makes you special.

Because that’s what you do that no one else can—or wants to.

Let’s say you’re an accountant who loves big, old history books.

Some might worry that that’s two boring things put together. And they might try to hide their boring, or pretend they’re trendier than that.

But nobody needs an accountant who’s trying to impress other accountants.

But lots of people need an accountant who loves history.

Like the people who need context for their numbers, but can’t find or understand it themselves.

For those customers, that accountant isn’t boring at all. Because they don’t just count every penny—they understand how every penny counts.

And they can create content that demonstrates their ability to do just that, and set themselves apart—because of what makes them boring.

So, take what makes you boring, and make it shine.

That’s part of what makes you unique.

And what makes you as a person unique, makes your business valuable.

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