Daily Lab: Is your marketing noise or signal?

Don’t blend in.

Daily Lab: Is your marketing noise or signal?

When new tools arrive, like GPT, the default move is to see what others are doing and copy them.

But pretty soon we’re not asking, “What do I do?”, we’re asking, “How do I stand out from the crowd?”

Forgetting that we’re not in the crowd, we are the crowd.

We’re not the signal—when we copy others, we’re just more noise.

Doing the same marketing as everyone else—churning out tips, how-tos, and generic content from GPT—isn’t actually marketing.

It’s business camouflage.

So don’t ask, “How can GPT do my marketing for me?”

Ask, “How can my marketing be better than GPT?”

Because, if GPT can write it for you, it probably doesn’t need to be written at all.

Instead, take what you do best and combine it with what you value most, based on the specific tradeoffs you’ve made because of your unique values.

And then demonstrate that value through content only you can make.

Don’t blend in—be yourself.

That’s the only person you can be that GPT can’t.

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