Kelford Labs Daily: Compliments you crave

What testimonials do you want?

Kelford Labs Daily: Compliments you crave

Yesterday we talked about making a list of compliments and praise you get that are nice, but don’t fully speak to your value.

Things like, “You’re so easy to work with,” or “You’re always on time,” or, “You work so quickly.”

So, did you make your list?

If not, take a moment now to think about some testimonials or compliments you’ve received that made you think, “Huh. Is that really what you like about my work?”

Now, today, we’re going to flip it around and ask ourselves, “What are the compliments or testimonials we wish we received more?”

Maybe statements like, “I couldn’t have done it without you.” Or, “You make it look easy,” or, “You helped me do things I didn’t know were possible.”

You see the difference, right? And you’ve had both of these sorts of compliments and testimonials before, haven’t you? There are ones that nice, but a little shallow, and there are ones that are deep and meaningful.

So, let’s make the list of compliments and testimonials we’d like to receive more.

Start right now. What do you wish your clients noticed, talked about, or appreciated more?

Is it your attention to detail? Your years of experience? Your unique approach?

Write a few of them down.

Now, you should have two lists: One list of compliments that aren’t quite what you want, and one list of compliments that you love and want to hear more of.

Got it?

Wonderful! Because tomorrow I’m going to show you how to take these two lists and turn them into a value proposition and marketing message.

So you get you more of the testimonials you crave by demonstrating your value more effectively.