Kelford Labs Daily: Critical compliments

How customers see you.

Kelford Labs Daily: Critical compliments

It’s easy to simply say that we should dig into how our previous customers experienced our value.

But… how?

Well, the best place to start is with any testimonials you already have. What have your past customers or clients said about working with you? What words do they use?

Now, here’s the trick:

Pick out the things they said that are fully complimentary,  but, for whatever reason, you don’t think are the best or most valuable things about working with you.

Here’s what I mean: Expressions like, “They were so easy to work with.” Or, “They were on time and met their deadlines.” Or, “Their prices were so affordable.”

This is all praise, but it’s probably not what we think is best about working with us. In fact, this might all seem like table stakes.

But here’s the thing: This is how your customers describe you.

It might not be perfect, and they might not fully recognize everything that makes you special, but this is what they’re recognizing now.

So that’s today’s assignment: Make a list of compliments, praise, and testimonials you’ve received that are positive, but not perfect.

This is the first step in creating new marketing messages that effectively demonstrate your value.

It all starts with understanding, and then using, the same words your past clients use to describe you.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to get your next clients to express your value in even better terms.