Kelford Labs Daily: Uncovering value

What your past clients know.

Kelford Labs Daily: Uncovering value

What’s your value?

Not, “What does your service cost?” Or, “What’s your business worth?”

But, what is your value?

That is, in the eyes of the buyer, what are they getting from you that they can’t get from anyone else?

The first step to finding that out is uncovering the value your past clients and customers experienced.

Get ridiculously curious about why they worked with you, what they got out of it, and why they’d come back.

We’ll never see our value as clearly as our customers do, and we’ll never understand what they see if we don’t ask them.

So before you wonder how to get more customers, how to raise your prices, or how to demonstrate your value at a distance, ask this:

How much do I know about my past clients and their experience of my value?

And how could I find out more?

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