Kelford Labs Daily: Give yourself less time

Set a timer and get to work.

Kelford Labs Daily: Give yourself less time
“I think we could say that the creativity of an idea works in inverse proportion to the amount of time available and the number of people involved.”

— Howard Gossage, How to be Creative about Next to Nothing at All

When it’s time to write marketing content, it’s easy to give ourselves too much time to do it.

Creativity is a product of constraint. The best ideas rarely come from indefinite timelines or unlimited opportunities.

They, instead, often come from a sense of urgency—the constraint of needing to get something done, now.

Once there’s a constraint in place, ideas that can’t work, won’t work, or that we don’t want to work on fall away. And what we’re left with is the one or two ideas that we can execute and are interested in tackling.

So if you’re struggling to create marketing content, making it seem harder might actually make it easier.

Set yourself a 25 minute timer and commit to having something done before it goes off. 

You’ll find that what you’ve created is probably better, clearer, and more helpful than if you’d given yourself unlimited time to work on it.

So, are you ready? Set a timer, get to writing, and get it done.

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