Kelford Labs Daily: The way to sell is to sell

Sample and demonstrate

Kelford Labs Daily: The way to sell is to sell

“The way to sell goods is to sell them. The way to do that is to sample and demonstrate, and the more attractive you can make your demonstration the better it will be for you.

None but those who regard advertising as some magic dreamland will ever try to sell without sampling.”

— Claude C. Hopkins, My Life in Advertising

Of course, it might be physically impossible to actually provide samples to our customers before they buy.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t demonstrate our value at a distance, though.

We can show how our product is made, at every step, on our website.

We can produce content that shows the thinking that went into our service offering.

We can ask questions that demonstrate our ability to understand their challenge.

But what we won’t do—what doesn’t work—is simply stating that we’re better or best.

Marketing is not some “magic dreamland” where we simply tell people what we want them to do and they do it.

Instead, we need to demonstrate to them why we’re different and how we do what we do. 

So they can be more certain that we’re the right option for them.

And the greater the distance at which we can demonstrate that, the more effective our marketing will be.

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