The good of bad content — Kelford Labs Daily

Get boring to get better.

The good of bad content — Kelford Labs Daily

Sometimes, it’s worth it to make “bad” content.

Nothing that, you know, hurts your reputation or makes you look less credible—just content that isn’t likely to perform as well as other content.

Boring stuff. Inside baseball stuff. Mundane, specific, detailed stuff.

Why? Not because your audience is necessarily hungry for it, but because you need to write it.

You need to dig deep into your process and articulate the value at every step. You need to get super specific about what you do, why you do it, and how you’re able to do it so well. You need to take the time to lay out your principles, your frameworks, and your unique mental models that only you have access to.

Making it content is just the excuse to sit down and think and write about it. Because, otherwise, we’re simply unlikely to ever get to it.

By making “bad” content, we create opportunities for so much more good content.

Because we’ve done the thinking and refining ahead of time—we just published that thinking, too.

And it helps us practice the skill of explaining what we do in detail, for those opportunities when prospects really want to know more and are extra curious about how and why we do what we do.

Remember: our process is our position. And the better we can articulate it, the more clear and reinforceable our position becomes.

The first step to making great content is making “bad” content.

And then you edit, refine, and improve it over time.

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