The other half of what to say — Kelford Labs Daily

Saying what you do instead.

The other half of what to say — Kelford Labs Daily

Yesterday, to understand what to say to attract your ideal customers, I had you write this down:

“Write down the thing your biggest, most popular competitors always do that you never do—and why.”

I’ll give a quick example from my world: Most marketers tend to put on presentations of their work—whether that’s a strategy presentation, a copywriting reveal, or some other formal flourish to present the work to the client.

But we don’t do that. Why? Because I never want to feel like I convinced a client to like the work—I want them to use it because it’s likely to work.

Our clients review the work ahead of time, before a conversation, and then we discuss what we’ve created and we find ways to improve it—or approve it.

So that’s one small thing we don’t do that other businesses in our space do do.

Now, here’s the trick: We’re going to take our “what we don’t do” phrase and turn it around into a “here’s what we do” statement.

You’re going to take your own answer and invert it into a positive declaration of what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.

So, to explain what we do, I could write a LinkedIn post about our process of discussing the work after the client has had time to review it, think about it, and even sleep on it. I could explain how we make sure the documents are easy to read and follow, so they don’t need to be presented.

And then I could sum it all up with a why statement like: “Over the years, the most common source of marketing failure I’ve seen is simply not putting the work into the market—confidently, consistently, and enthusiastically. So that’s why we focus on making sure our clients believe in the work—not just that they agree with it in the moment. No surprises, just support.”

For a certain type of prospect, this is exactly what they want to hear, because our clients value substance over showiness.

So that’s how it works. Now it’s your turn.

Take the thing you don’t do and turn it around into something you do do instead. And focus on that.

Then, express it in a couple sentences, a catchy phrase, or a clear call to action. Talk about what you do, how you do it, and why you’ve chosen this path.

After that, you just need to put it somewhere your ideal clients will see it—like on social, in your newsletter, on your tradeshow banner, or in your ads.

This way, you can demonstrate your value by showing what you value.

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