Daily Lab: A good plan for a bad outcome

How to get what we want even when we get nothing.

Daily Lab: A good plan for a bad outcome

In marketing, it’s a short walk from “This isn’t working” to “This is failing.”

And from “This is failing” to “I’m failing.”

And from “I’m failing” to “I’m a failure.”

But our confidence is part of our capability, and we need to protect it.

Sometimes things just won’t go our way.

We can spend time, money, and effort and get close to nothing to show for it. Sometimes, nothing at all.

But if we remember that we’re playing one long game, that we can land long, and that marketing is a habit and not a one-off task, we’ll be able to keep going.

For as long as we want to.

Plan for when things don’t go as planned with the Crisis Model—ZERO Plan.

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