Kelford Labs Daily: The art of slowing down

Resting and recovering

Kelford Labs Daily: The art of slowing down

“There is a time to train and a time to rest—not halfway rest.”

— Running coach quoted in Steve Magness’s Do Hard Things

No matter what kind of year you’ve had, you need time to rest and recover.

The world’s top performers and athletes spend their time balancing performance and recovery, not going all-in and never letting up.

As business owners, we experience the stress and pressure of working in public, putting ourselves out there, and exposing ourselves to the vagaries and chaos of the market.

And that takes a toll.

One we can either address, or pretend doesn’t exist.

But one day, eventually, we’ll need to recover. And that can either be a choice that we make, or one that’s made for us.

Next year will be difficult—because every year has its difficulties.

But it can also be invigorating and exciting—if we’re heading into it with the energy that attitude requires.

So if you want to have the best 2024 you and your business can have, make the end of 2023 as restful as possible.

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