Kelford Labs Weekly: Wrapping up 2023

Preparing for a big New Year.

Kelford Labs Weekly: Wrapping up 2023

For us at Kelford Inc., 2023 was the Year of Content.

We developed and shared new frameworks and mental models, and even launched a daily version of the newsletter.

As we close out the year, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for reading Kelford Labs, replying with feedback, and sharing the links with your friends and colleagues.

I’m excited for another big year at the Lab, including continuing my Kelford Labs Daily articles, with 198 issues published in 2023!

To wrap up this year’s Kelford Labs content, below are some highlights from 2023 on planning for the future:

Plans Don’t Last Long:
Plans only get us so far–and, honestly, not very far at that. Here’s why it’s better to have a strategy that you can adapt, rather than a fixed plan that locks you into a single path.

The ZERO Plan Framework:
It’s easy to forget that getting zero results is always an option in marketing—and learning that fact the hard way can take entrepreneurs by surprise. This framework helps you plan for nothing, so you can make sure your marketing achieves something, no matter what.

One Long Game:
Marketing isn’t one and done or “set it and forget it”—it’s a habit, something we need to take action on every single day, in every single thing we do. It’s a long game, which requires enthusiasm, resources, and time.

The Art of Slowing Down:
And now, as the holidays arrive, remember to rest and recover—as best you can—so that you can stay flexible, stay motivated, and stay strategic in your marketing, for the long-term.

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Have a wonderful holiday season, and a very happy New Year!
— Joel & Leah, Kelford Inc.